About Us

Proper logistics management is a key component of any major construction project today. If not managed correctly, logistics could cause significant issues, such as delays or budget overruns to your project. Yet, far too often proper planning for logistics scope, does not get sufficient attention at projects pre-feasibility and development stage.

Anemos Solutions is a consultancy company that assists project developers with solid hands-on experience, to develop and execute optimal logistics solutions, across on- and offshore wind energy, oil & gas and Industrial Project logistics. With almost 20 years’ experience in transport and shipping industry across operations, sales, project management, vessel chartering, transportability studies, budgeting, vessel supercargo operations and project development, Anemos Solutions can be your consultant partner, to develop logistics management plans for your project pipeline, assist to optimize your logistics procurement and to see such optimized setup through to execution.

Statement of the founder

Anemos Solutions was founded in 2017, based on my wish to share logical, cost-saving logistics solutions with clients in a completely unbiased manner.

From the start of my logistics career in Europe, I experienced how efficient pre-planning and coordination, were key factors to help heavy lift vessel owners achieve the most efficient logistics turnaround of their vessels, as me and my colleagues were acting as their port agents during vessel operations. Our local expertise would help the vessel owner complete their operation safely and proceed to the next port/project a little quicker, resulting in overall improved earnings. Any unforeseen operational challenges or simple lack of planning, could cause significant delays and budget overruns.

Later in my career I’ve been involved in much larger and more complex logistics scopes for both oil & gas, renewable energy and industrial projects and have again experienced the importance of pre-feasibility efforts and the positive effect it can have on safe project completion within budget.

These are the main reasons that I decided to start Anemos Solutions, where I target clients that value the importance of early involvement of logistics expertise, for accurate planning, budgeting and execution of complex logistics scopes.