Services Provided by Anemos Solutions
Year 2019
July 2019

Logistics Project Management

Whether the developer decides to contract logistics scope via the equipment supplier, an EPCI contractor or directly to a freight forwarder or trucking company, the execution of such logistics scope, requires supervision by the developer, to ensure critical deliverables are satisfactorily met. Such deliverables would include the safety of people involved, maintaining delivery schedule, planning and communication, review of transport and lifting drawings, road modifications, transport permits and of course cargo quality.

Anemos Solutions provide contract staff, either on rotation basis or permanent site employment during the construction phase of a project, to undertake such services on behalf of the project developer, equipment manufacturer or EPCI company.

Vessel Super-cargo

Loading and discharging surveys helps to ensure real-time updates on operational events, timing/coordination with construction site schedule, observation of any physical cargo damages during vessel operation, as well as prevention of cargo mishandling, that could lead to fatigue damages during the projects operation stage. Anemos Solutions has 15 years experience in vessel loading/discharging operations, plus extensive operational experience in cargo claims handling. Let us be your eyes and ears during port operations for added protection and ease of mind.