Services Provided by Anemos Solutions
Year 2019
July 2019

Transport Surveys

We provide physical survey studies starting from port of importation, identifying the most optimal transport route to the final project site. The survey is followed up by a detailed survey report, that would identify any road or infrastructure modifications needed to allow the inland transportation of cargo components required for the particular project.

More than 10 years experience across South East Asia, Australia & NZ of executing door to door project logistics, provides the perfect background for identifying the optimal transport solution from both a commercial, operational and safety aspect.

Pre-FEED Consultancy & Desktop Studies

Some of our repeating clients have made it standard procedure to engage Anemos Solutions at the very beginning of their project feasibility evaluation. After identifying good wind resource, grid connection availability and sufficient open land area to construct any new targeted wind project sites, the next physical priority should be a desktop study, to evaluate the transportability of major turbine components. With Amenos’ experience of critical transport parameters, such as importation port infrastructure requirements, storage area accessibility and requirements, turn-radius along the route and 20 years experience of turbine component development and optimal/possible handling methods, we have the capability to assist our clients with invaluable development phase studies. Desktop studies are a convenient tool to help developers focus on the most cost-efficient projects in their pipeline, to optimize their resources, prioritize projects and identify the most optimal wind turbine model and size accessible for a particular project site.

Budgeting + RFP Preparation & Evaluation

With more than 10 years experience in project budgeting for end-to-end transport solutions in Asia, Anemos is well positioned to consult our clients on budgetary transportation matters. For developers it is of utmost importance to get all budgeting optimized and accurate during the development stage of a project. This helps to achieve financial investment decision with lenders based on realistic budget forecasting. For turbine manufacturers it is crucial to achieve optimized transport solutions with accurate budget forecasting, at the project developers turbine selection stage (RFP). Being too conservative and pessimistic in budget forecasting stage, could result in higher risk of loosing out on the turbine sale, while being to aggressive or making optimistic assumptions based on insignificant route research or budgeting, could result in catastrophic budget overruns during project execution stage after successfully achieving an order.

Anemos furthermore have extensive experience from project freight forwarder perspective, in receiving and processing transport RFPs for major infrastructure projects. With an often lean organisation with multiple focuses and areas of expertise, it makes good sense to utilize an external transport consultant like Anemos, to assist in developing, processing and evaluating transport RFPs to ensure the end product will be a transport budget that is realistic, optimized and based on factual investigations and experience.

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